Lauryn Alvarez


~Gudauskas brothersと彼女の出会い~
コスタ・メサにあるサーフショップ「DAYDREAM SURF SHOP」へ立ち寄った際、彼女の画作を見て、初めてローリンの事を知りました。

Lauryn Alvarez is born in southern california.
She lives in Laguna Beach.

We first heard of Lauryn from seeing some of her artwork at Daydream Surf Shop in Costa Mesa. Her style is so beautiful with big bright colors offset on cool backgrounds. It has a nostalgic surf feeling with a young relevant twist. She has had numerous shows in southern California of her own artwork as well as working with some other surfing brands such as rhythm.

Lauryn is also an amazing photographer. She shot the entire collection with her sister and conceptualized it herself. She has worked with her photography with other brands in the surf world as well.

Lauryn worked with one of her inspirations to create the film behind the collection. Her name is Nikki Milan Houston. Nikki is renowned in making music videos for some rock and roll musicians. Together they created the unique piece for our collection and we LOVE it!

The collaboration itself stems from sunshine in southern california surf. We wanted something that spoke to an original surfing era but was updated with more vibrant colors. We love what she created!

Have a Good Time!!